Our Capabilities

Ultimate control to create a superior user experience

Only 46% of users report that their analytics solutions are user-friendly.

Complete control means that you can customize unique experiences for deeper insights and global themes so that the analytics blend in with your app.

Go beyond colors and styles with unmatched customization

White labeling

Match the look and feel of your application with white-labeled analytics.

Easy customization

Globally brand dashboards and reports with custom themes, CSS and JavaScript, including jQuery and D3.

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Exceed the most stringent requirements

Format ultra-precise reports with pixel-level accuracy and complete control.

Export to multiple formats including PDF, Excel, and HTML.

Schedule large-scale dynamic distribution with clustering, bursting, and scheduling.

Seamlessly integrate and extend fuctionality


Automate workflows such as email, schedules, alerts, and database management.

Extend functionality

Execute business logic, proprietary algorithms, and security requirements using plug-ins and REST APIs.

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