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Pixel-perfect reporting for data analysis and insight

Logi Report enables you to generate and distribute precise reports at scale without coding or leaving the app.

Fully customizable so you can meet your most complex requirements

Whether your application needs reporting as a government regulation, or to meet user expectations, Logi Report allows you to easily create reports and seamlessly embed them into your application.

A balance of flexibility and precision

Crystal clear reports that comply with regulatory requirements but are easy to generate and customize.

Build any report layout imaginable

From tables and crosstabs to charts, text, images, and lines; you have the ability to customize every single object. With banded reports, you can create reusable template layouts, while smart pagination allows you optimize formatting.

The reporting you need, no code required

Logi's no-code design environment empowers you to easily build and embed custom reports so your users get the functionality they need without having to leave the app.

No-code design

Improve outdated reporting without taxing your development team with an intuitive and feature-rich interface that provides the ability to design and preview reports in a no-code drag and drop environment.

High performance and dynamic report distribution at scale

Bursting allows you to distribute thousands of reports to users of multi-tenant deployments in seconds and clustering allows you to maintain high availability and load-balancing. You can even easily schedule reports to automatically run daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Customer Case Studies

What our customers are saying


We wanted to empower users with an intuitive self-service reporting tool with the flexibility to enable any business user or employee to run the reports they needed on demand.


We have requirements to produce exact reports for each customer, so pixel-perfect was the best fit for us.

franklin american

Considering our multiple divisions, we’ve probably saved the time of one employee per week just running and distributing reports. If every report that we now have scheduled were manual, it would take all day, every day to do it.

Meet Symphony

Everything you need: One price

We know that applications evolve over time. That's why we offer Logi Symphony, a bundle of all three Logi products.

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