Our Solutions

A future-proof analytics investment

Logi Symphony gives you access to Logi Info, Logi Composer, and Logi Report so that you never have to compromise your application's innovation.

Pricing built for fast and sustainable growth

Every SaaS company is asking: how can we grow faster?

Logi Symphony bundles all of Logi’s products together for a cost that scales with your business model so that you can get the capabilities you need to drive revenue, at a price that doesn’t hold revenue back.

Symphony gives you full access to every Logi product

Low-code dashboards & data visualization

Logi’s low-code, turnkey analytics solution.

Logi Composer

Pixel-perfect reports

Logi’s no-code precision reporting solution built for performance and scale.

Logi Report

Limitless analytics

Logi’s developer-grade analytics platform to build and securely deploy analytics applications.

Logi Info