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Embedded Analytics Solutions

The data you have, where your users need it

90% of users report using data on a daily basis, yet BI adoption remains below 30%. Why?

Users have differing levels of data literacy, when you serve them all the exact same experience, many lose the ability to make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, users are often sent out of the workflow to access data, having to create pivot-tables to mold data into insights.

Increased adoption of data requires highly personalized analytics in context of the workflow of your application.

Today’s SaaS companies are driving growth with embedded analytics

Growth doesn’t always come easily. Embedded analytics helps drive revenue by improving the customers experience, increasing user adoption, and driving new business to differentiate you from your competitors.

Logi Offers:

  • Seamlessly embedded analytics
  • Superior user experience
  • Faster time-to-market

Our Competitors:

  • Disjointed user experience
  • Non-scalable architechture
  • One-size-fits-all pricing

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Provide a fully customized data experience through embedded data visualizations or entire dashboards.

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Operational Reporting

Meet every reporting requirement while delivering an engaging user experience.

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A comprehensive feature set

Easily white labeled to match your application

Create a global theme to apply to your full dashboard, then seamlessly embed without iFrames or jumping out of the app.

Curate the data experience for users

Customize every user's data experience, or give them the tools to customize for themselves.

Give your users the power of self service and real-time data

See how data changes through time with real-time access to insight and data playback.

Low-code or not, it’s up to you

Logi’s suite of solutions serves application teams no matter where you are in your development journey.

Works with your tech stack and security

With over 50 data sources supported and enterprise-grade security, you don’t have to change to fit our mold, we work with yours.

A solution for every stage of analytics maturity

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Logi Composer

Logi’s low-code, turnkey analytics solution.

Low-code dashboards
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Logi Report

Logi’s no-code, precision reporting solution for performance and scale.

Pixel-perfect reports
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Logi Info

A solution to build and securely deploy analytics applications.

Analytics platform
Meet Symphony

Everything you need: One Price

We know that applications evolve over time. That's why we offer Logi Symphony, a bundle of all three Logi products.

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