Are you just building features or are you building to win?

The job of the software team is more important than ever

In a world where cloud-based is the norm, application development has accelerated expectations and intensified the competitive landscape. With the onset of product-led growth becoming a center point of business strategy, software teams are having to source, build and repeat to keep up.

But how do you go about sourcing features? Sourcing internally can become a never-ending hamster wheel to appease internal stakeholders, while making sense of user data doesn’t always enable you to keep up with your competition. If all you’re doing is continually asking customers what features they want and building them, you start to forget what kind of value you actually provide.

Great products empower their users’ success

Today’s successful SaaS companies are lifting themselves out of the “build” trap to not only improve retention rates, but also accelerate adoption, increase customer lifetime value, and create stickier products.

Data has become essential to pretty much every business decision today.

When your product creates actionable insight from data, it becomes the foundation to your users’ success. This increases adoption leading to higher customer retention, and customer retention through referrals drives new business.

At Logi, we understand that data-driven decisions drive meaningful results. If your users need data to be successful at their jobs, what could possibly make your product more sticky than providing them the relevant information to make informed decisions?

Informed decisions require analytics in context

Optimizing value through analytics is not as simple as just providing a dashboard. With BI adoption rates currently below 30%, it’s a case in point of providing a feature you think everyone will love and use, but then no one does. So why aren’t people using the data they have?

To get the answers they want, they need to jump out of the workflow

We’ve all been there before: we create a report only to find that we need to export it into a pivot table to get the slice we need. It is essential to adoption for analytics to be in context of the workflow. Users should be able to drill down, adjust visualizations, and change filters in order to get the information they need directly in the application — no export required.

They are getting a one-size-fits-all dashboard

It’s common that one dashboard is supposed to serve the needs of all — from novices to data scientists. Yet different users need different levels of interactivity and sophistication. Personalized experiences encourage data adoption from all users.

Reporting doesn’t stand up to the dashboard

You design beautiful dashboards, but then the reports are inflexible and unusable and you can’t share your results because the reporting capabilities are too basic.

Embedded analytics purpose-built for software teams

Logi’s seamlessly embedded solutions empower software teams to drive value through analytics. With Logi, your team is able to:

Create beautiful and highly personalized analytics experiences that differentiate your product

Deliver analytics that get adopted. Fully-customized dashboards and reports that bring each of your users a curated experience.

Deliver analytics faster to crush the competition

No more having to task your development team with features that distract that from innovating your product. Logi helps your team drive value 4X faster, so you can get to market and impress customers.

Connect to the tech and security you already have

With quick and easy data prep, you can connect to multiple data sources and create dashboards and reports quickly and easily. Adaptive security means you don’t have to replicate layers.

Create better analytics experiences with Logi