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Completely customizable, low-code dashboard and data visualization platform

The Logi Composer platform allows you to easily build and customize analytics by transforming data from the sources you already have into visualizations that seamlessly embed into your app.

The analytics experience that differentiates your application

Logi Composer can be as lightweight or robust as you need it to be. With quick and easy deployment through Logi’s low-code environment, your team has complete control over the user experience to develop dashboards and data visualizations that drive adoption and engagement.

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Key capabilities that support customization

White-label analytics with branded themes, extend functionality with APIs, and seamlessly embed in your application for a fully-customized analytics experience.

Design high-impact dashboards

Not one-size-fits-all self service

Tailor the self-service experience to the skill level of your users. Our platform creates limitless opportunities for interaction by configuring data visualizations and dashboard interactivity including drill downs, filters, and zoom. Enable users to build their own analytics dashboards or replay streams of historical data using our Data DVR.

Self service

Connects to the data sources you already have

Composer’s powerful query engine and over 50 out-of-the-box Smart Data Connectors enable you to connect to all your data, including data from real-time streaming, search, document-based, and cloud-based warehouses.

Data architecture tips

A microservices architecture that scales

Scale up and down as needed with a container-ready microservices architecture that allows you to build, deploy, and automate. Utilize your existing data infrastructure and security framework so you don’t need redundant technology investments.

Customer Case Studies

What our customers are saying

emplifi Gray

Logi Composer integrated easily and seamlessly into our existing environment and security framework, hiding the complexity of our own business and emplifi VoC™ from our customers. They can just focus on using their analytics to create dashboards and visuals in a dynamic way.

brivo 1

The biggest impact of using Logi’s technology is the ability to put together a really slick user experience around interacting with your data without a ton of custom engineering on our part.

cybermaxx 1

Our cybersecurity application now has the ‘sizzle’ we wanted. The dynamic visualizations, the look and feel, and intuitive navigability make it so easy to use that our customers don’t even need a training program to figure out how to use it.

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Everything you need: One price

We know that applications evolve over time. That's why we offer Logi Symphony, a bundle of all three Logi products.

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