Watch: Thinkspace - Your First Chart in 3 Easy Steps (02:30)

Drag-and-drop data to create visualizations.

Watch: Create Applications with Logi Studio (05:36)

New to Logi?  This video guides you through building a simple application in Logi Studio.

Watch: Introduction to Thinkspace (08:23)

Learn to quickly create your own data analysis.

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Authored by senior members of the Customer Success and Professional Services teams, these tutorials help you get the most out of your investment with Logi.

Video Tutorials

Logi Studio

Watch: Thinkspace - Crosstabs (06:37)

How to use Crosstab charts and tables.


Super Elements

Watch: Analysis Grid for End Users (06:32)

Use a simple web interface to explore, shape, and visualize data.

Watch: Thinkspace - Data Columns (16:52)

How to filter data, reorder columns in a data table, and add columns of data. 

Watch: Thinkspace - Using Charts (04:15)

Understand all the charts available on Thinkspace.

Watch: Thinkspace - Customizing Your Charts (11:15)

Customize your Thinkspace charts, including legends, brand colors, mark lines, combo charts, and timeline charts.

Embedding Logi

Embedding Logi

Watch: Embed Using JavaScript (04:46)

How to use JavaScript to embed Logi visualizations and reports into non-Logi applications.

Watch: Embed Using the API (03:29)

How to use Logi's Embedded Reports API to embed Logi visualizations and reports into non-Logi applications.

Watch: Introduction to the Dashboard (05:32)

How to customize, organize and arrange visualizations and tables.

Watch: Deploy Logi Info Applications on AWS (06:47)

Take advantage of cloud computing's elasticity, scalability, and security.

Deploying Logi

Deploying Logi



Watch: Introduction to Logi SecureKey Authentication  (05:56)

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Single Sign-On security access for embedded Logi components.

Watch: Set Up Logi SecureKey  (08:05)

How to use Logi's SecureKey Authentication element.

Watch: Build Your First Dashboard (09:44)

Use the Dashboard element to create and rearrange panels.

Watch: Advanced Dashboard Topics (10:22)

Learn how to customize Dashboard panels with filters, user-editable layouts, galleries, and more.