Our Capabilities

Adaptive, iron-clad security for your data

Data security and user access is a top priority for every organization. Comprehensively provide the right level of access to the users and manage visibility to dashboards, reports and data at every layer to provide context and actionable data to users with control.

Speed up implementation with easy security integration

Seamless authentication

Offer your users a frictionless authentication experience with adaptive security that adheres to single sign-on (SSO) and standards-based protocols such as Kerberos (SPNEGO), OAuth, X509, and SAML2.

Easy authorization & auditing

Inherit authorization groups from a directory provider such as LDAP or Active Directory, or delegate to the underlying platform provider such as Ranger or Sentry. Audit and record all user activity in application logs for further analysis.

Maintain precise control over end-user access and data governance

Protect data at the row-level and column-level and support multitenant deployments.

Simplify collaboration and sharing with object-level security.

Control CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) permissions from a single platform. Remove redundancy by connecting directly to data sources and managing your data security in a single place.

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