Our Capabilities

Works with Your Tech for Flexible Deployment and Scale

Securely build, deploy, and scale the analytics layer of your application without spending more on additional technology.

Use your existing data and server infrastructure

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Modern microservices

Easily deploy analytics on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud with the flexibility of a modern microservices architecture.

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Ease of scale

Avoid single points of failure (SPoF) and assure high availability with horizontal scaling. Future-proof for growth with vertical scaling using a commodity server infrastructure.

Avoid heavy data modeling by connecting directly to data sources

Speed & performance

Process thousands of concurrent user queries with exceptional speed and performance. Optimize query processing by applying filters, aggregations, or calculations at the source.

Multiple data sets

Empower users with data from multiple sources for rich, in-depth analysis.

Explore massive data sets with out-of-the-box connectivity

Connects to modern data sources

Painlessly connect with modern data such as streaming, search, big data, NoSQL, cloud, document-based sources. Quickly link all your data from Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, Hadoop, Snowflake, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Impala, and more.

Traditional databases, no problem

Easily connect to traditional databases including relational, data warehouses, flat files, and multiple disparate sources.

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