Our Capabilities

The era of one-size-fits-all self-service is over

Only 40% of users say their analytics have self-service capabilities.

With embedded self-service, users can explore their data to discover deeper insights and collaborate in and outside of the organization — all within your application.

Personalize a self-service experience specifically tailored to your end users

Defined levels of data interactivity

Define the level of data interactivity with precise controls over metrics, groups, filters, and sort.

In-depth ad hoc analysis

Control ad hoc analysis capabilities including drill-downs, zoom, filtering, actions, links, or visibility to underlying datasets.

Empower your users to generate their own actionable insights

Build visuals and customize virtually every element including colors, styles, axes, exports, and actions.

Allow users to play, rewind, pause, and fast forward to see the shape of data change over time with Data DVR.

Microqueries and Data Sharpening enable users to immediately view data from large-scale data sets, even while the query is still processing.

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