Our Solutions

Data visualization and dashboards that drive adoption

Logi has a solution for teams at any point in their analytics journey. Offering both low-code and robust analytics applications, we help you deliver engaging dashboards and data visualizations on a timeline that exceeds your roadmap.

Low-code or full platform: It’s your choice

Add analytics to an existing app

Logi Composer is a low-code development environment for embedding analytics in your application.

Logi Composer

Build your own analytics app

With over 800 pre-built widgets, Logi Info is a robust solution to build, design, customize and extend analytics.

Logi Info

Craft your user experience

Extensive customization capabilities mean that you can create analytics that match your brand, and seamlessly fit in your application's workflows with full interactivity and personalized self service for a cohesive user experience.

White-labeled Analytics

Create and apply global themes to embedded dashboards, integrate with native objects, and extend functionality with Javascript APIs.

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Customized self service

Users can drill-down, change chart types, sort, zoom, group and filter across visuals— as much or as little as you allow them to.

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Analytics that integrate into your existing tech stack and security framework

Embedded analytics seamlessly integrate with countless data sources, while allowing flexibility of deployment and adaptive security.

Modern data sources

Easily connects with every modern data source including search, real-time, unstructured, document-based, and more.

Adaptive security

Uses your existing security framework for user permissions and data governance, eliminating the need for extra development or on-going maintenance.

Meet Symphony

Bundled together so you can grow without analytics holding you back

Logi Symphony bundles all Logi’s solutions together so you’re buying something that lasts.

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