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Want to see our data visualization in action? Our interactive dashboards allow you to experience the flexibility of Logi. Logi Composer is designed specifically for software teams and delivers the first out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics.

See data visualization in action

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Logi Composer allows you to easily build and customize analytics by transforming data from the sources you already have into visualizations that seamlessly embed into your app.

Logi Composer

Get more from your data

Logi offers one solution for all your embedded analytics requirements. Whether dashboards or reporting (or both), Logi’s products offer the flexibility that you need for a seamless analytics experience that brings value to your users.

Embedded Self-Service
Every Logi customer gets full access to self-service out of the box so you can allow your users the flexibility they need to derive insight.
Complete Customization
Your users should never know they are using a development to deploy analytics.
Security and Governance
Frameless security that replicates your security layer.
Works With Your Tech Stack
Flexible architecture works with tech you already use for ease of deployment and unmatched scale.