Our Capabilities

Logi's Core Capabilities

Your analytics, but better

Logi helps you create a seamless user experience to enable data-driven decision making for all. Whether your users are novices or data experts, use analytics to make your software indispensable to your users by empowering data-driven decisions.

Understand Logi’s core capabilities

Embedded Self-Service
With configurable self-service embedded in your application, users are free to explore data the way they want, build dashboards on the fly, and make data-driven decisions.
Complete Customization
Deliver exceptional analytics and operational reports with ultimate control over customization, integration and the self-service experience of your application’s analytics.
Security and Governance
Utilize your existing security framework for authentication and lets you control data and user access.
Works with Your Tech Stack
Leverage your existing technology investments to securely build, deploy and scale the analytics layer of your application.

Completely customize your analytics

The ultimate mix of both flexibility and scale with the granularity to customize down to the user level and flexibility to apply global themes fully white-labeling analytics in your application.


Self-service analytics for both you and your users

Keep users inside your application with a personalized self-service experience to match end users’ needs and skills. Give users intuitive ways to interact with and personalize dashboards, explore data, and share insights.


Works with your existing tech

Logi’s flexible architecture works with technologies you already use for ease of deployment and unmatched scale.

Tech Stack

Leverages your existing security framework

With a frictionless authentication experience, adaptive security framework, and precise controls, Logi leverages your existing security framework for authentication and lets you control data and user access.


See Logi’s interactive dashboards

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